poolr 0.9-15 (2021-01-07) Unreleased

  • the name of the binotest() function is changed to binomtest()

  • the HTML help files now show rendered equations with the help of the mathjaxr package

  • increased resolution of mvnlookup table (now in steps of .001)

  • meff() function now issues a warning if there are negative eigenvalues (and if they were set to 0 for method="galway")

  • added nearpd argument to all base functions; if TRUE, a negative definite R matrix will be turned into the nearest positive semi-definite matrix (only for adjust="empirical" and adjust="generalized")

  • implemented a simplified version of Matrix::nearPD(); hence, dependence on the package Matrix was removed

  • added a more specific test on p and eigen that they are numeric vectors

  • improved the pkgdown docs and added a quick start guide

  • changed the way the pseudo replicates are generated in empirical() to a more stable method

  • slight improvements to the output of print.poolr() when using the effective number of tests or empirical distribution adjustments

  • mvnconv() now uses the variances from the lookup table instead of cov2cor() for the transformation when cov2cor=TRUE

  • added a check on R (where appropriate) that its diagonal values are all equal to 1

  • added a check on p to convert it into a numeric vector if it is a matrix with 1 row

poolr 0.8-2 (2020-02-12) 2020-02-21

  • first version for CRAN